About Meaning

What is Meaning?

A platform where users can contact trusted professionals according to their wellbeing goals.

What is the purpose of Meaning?

To order the wellbeing sector, so that anyone can explore their own path. The whole project is based on building trust, always with a hint of freshness and warmth.

Who is Meaning for?

The project aims at two types of profiles: professionals who offer their wellbeing services and users who want to find trusted professionals, so they can carry out activities to explore their wellbeing.

What kind of professionals can I find in Meaning?

Only high quality professionals who have been selected through a verification process, one by one, by the Meaning team.

The professionals are organized into categories and into eight wellbeing goals: connect with your body, calm your mind, eat more healthy, improve your health, discover your potential, express your creativity, take care of the environment and retreats.

I have some questions that I would like to ask you. How can I contact you?

You can reach us and let us know your comments in the Contact Us section.


If your are a user

What advantages do I get from looking for a professional through Meaning instead of doing it directly with an Internet search engine?

In Meaning you will find trusted professionals in organized categories, according to your wellbeing goals. This makes the exploration easier so you can find what you are looking for. We know how much you value your time, we don’t want you to waste precious moments on irrelevant searches.

How do I contact the professional?

Find the professional that best suits you in three different ways:

  1. Through the section Contact a professional, where you can find a list of professionals according to your search filters.
  2. Through the main search engine of the homepage,  where you type the keyword of the activity you want.
  3. Selecting your wellbeing goal on the  home page.

Compare the profiles of the professionals that best suit your preferences. You can study the description of the activites and services they offer, their photos and videos, real client reviews and much more.

Choose the professional that you like best and send a private message without any compromise through Meaning’s instant messaging app.

And explore your wellbeing with Meaning.

If you are a professional

How do I create my profile in Meaning?

You have to register here. We recommend you to have the following information ready:

  • Title:  How do you want to appear on the platform? Maximum extension: 40 characters.
  • Description of your services: What do you offer? (classes, workshops, individual sessions…), specifying the themes or activites, as well as their benefits. Maximum extension: about three short paragraphs.
  • Images, videos, audios (podcasts): Any complementary material of this nature will enhance your image and value as a trusted professional.

How will users contact me?

Through the desktop messaging version of the platform. In the coming months, a messaging app will be available so you can download it for free. The technology is very easy to use and will allow a very dynamic interaction.

Do I have to pay a fee to answer the users who contact me?

Currently the service is totally free. In the future, to be able to respond to a user you will need to have credits. As a welcome gift, you will receive a batch of free credits so you can interact with a specific number of users and test the value of the platform.

Every time I want to speak with the same user, I will have to spend a credit?

No. Once the communication channel with a specific user is open, you will always have communication with him.

What do I have to do to have more credits?

You can buy more credits to continue talking with more users and potential customers.

Can I write articles for my blog post section?

Yes, and it is highly recommended that you do it. It would be interesting to write at least one about the activity you do. This will give you better positioning on the platform. In addition, you can write periodically and become a Guest Blogger of Meaning.