Meaning was born as a project to bring society closer to a wide variety of wellbeing paths, so that each person can discover their own. We offer a platform where users can contact trusted professionals according to their wellbeing goals.

In Meaning do not prefer any particular path over another. Therefore, we will never tell you what is best for you. We know, from our own experience, that the wellbeing path can only be discovered by oneself. Perhaps my path revolves around yoga, while yours is based on a mixture of body movement and energy nutrition.

The important thing is to dare to explore. We already did.

Do you want to discover your wellbeing path?

 Marc Singer

Co-founder and CEO (CEO)

After years of ​​corporate management work, I became interested in developing the potential of people through coaching as I focused on my own path of self-discovery through meditation and silence.

Meaning comes from a personal search. It is the product of years of studying, training and gaining knowledge of the wellbeing sector. In Meaning any person can find a real, authentic and true experience.

Xavier Tous

Co-founder and Director of Innovation

I have participated as an entrepreneur in different projects in fields such as health (Sevibe Cells and AB-Biotics), renewable energies (Electric Waves) and technology (LetsBRICO and LetsTASK).

Meaning represents a new opportunity to continue innovating in a new field such as personal growth. I have always considered that entrepreneurship is a way of helping others, and with Meaning we want to contribute our grain of sand to the path of full personal fulfillment.

 Jacobo Casanovas

Co-founder and conscious investor

For years I worked doing M&A in London and Madrid, until I finally returned to Barcelona to create my own company.

I was fortunate to be born into a family where I was thought since childhood the importance of meditation, of eating balanced and healthy food and to be connected with our most spiritual essence. I am happy to be part of Meaning and together create this powerful platform to help everyone to explore their own path.

Jordi Romero-Lengua

Director of Operations (COO) and strategic marketing

In my professional experience I have focused on the fields of communication consulting, strategic planning for people, social involvement and values marketing.

Involving myself in the momentum of Meaning, I took another step in my own personal and professional development, as it allowed me to channel one of my principles: personal awareness as a way for social transformation.

Jimena Guerrero

Providers & Costumer Service

My professional experience goes back to a decade of work with creativity, translation and communication. I’ve always had a very special bond with nature and spirituality.

I have trained and continue to deepen my knowledge about energy healing, along with creative writing. I am convinced that, as human beings, we create our own reality and we are all responsible for the awakening of consciousness.

María Cajo

Social Media Manager

With more than 8 years of experience in digital marketing with special emphasis on planning, strategy and development of social networks, SEO, email marketing and Google Adwords.

Working with Meaning allows me to unite my two passions, digital marketing and well-being. I’mm a big fan of sports, nutrition and coaching.